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Thanks to the following individuals for their assistance in producing this website: 
Steven McKnight; USMA, 1980 for his overall review of the site.
Billie Hall Sapp for the years that she shared her wealth of information on the life of Stanley Sapp and his family.
Sallie Matthews-Sapp for her constant help in reviewing the site for content and style and for her enouragement. 
Robin Sapp Schulz for compiling and maintaining the documents, photos, articles and other materials used in researching and producing the site.  Robin also provided much input and encouragement.  
Dalton Sapp for the photograph of the display case in the Medals and Badges page.
Colton Sapp, Weston SappEmmitt Sapp, Stanley Ray Sapp and Chris Sapp for their encouragement, input and review.
Kimberly Wong for her technical assistance with general web design and HTML usage.
The following resources also provided valuable information and insight:
24th Forward (a history of the 24th Infantry Division in Korea, published by the US Army in 1952).
Wikipedia articles on various related topics, including but not limited to: United States Army Special Forces and Badges of the United States Army (see Wikipedia link on Links page of this site).
The Medals of America website ( provided much useful specific information on US Army badges and medals.