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NCO Academy CertificationNon-Commissioned Officer's Academy Certificate.
Letter from Lt. GeneralLetter to Sergeant First Class Stanley Sapp from Lieutenant General Charles Palmer, Commanding General of the US 6th Army.  Apparently, Stanley Sapp and a buddy were hitchhiking in Japan to acquire information about cavalry artillery and were given a ride by Palmer on their return trip back to their base.  This could have occurred no later than about 1950 or perhaps 1951,  at least 8 years earlier than the date of the letter.  At this point, Sapp would have been a Corporal or Sergeant in rank and Palmer would have probably been a  Brigadier (one-star) general officer since he was in command of the 1st Cavalry Division's artillery during the US Army's occupation of Japan.  It speaks to General Palmer's character that he took the time and effort to reply to a letter written by an enlisted person he had encountered several years earlier.   
Maurice Rose award certificateGeneral Marurice Rose Award certificate.  This award was given to one NCO each month in the 3rd Armored Division (a division is typically comprised of 12,000 to 15,000 men).
Nuclear projectile trainingCertification for completion of training to handle nuclear projectiles.
Guerrilla Forces certificationDevelopment of Guerrilla Forces certificate.
Student Pilot CertificateStudent Pilot Certificate.  Stanley Sapp had begun working on his private pilot rating while living in Ft. Bragg, North Carolina. 
Basic airborne trainingCertificate for completion of basic Airborne training.
Jumpmaster trainingJumpmaster training certificate.
Pre-deployment trainingTraining for deployment to Vietnam.
Purple Heart CitationPurple Heart Citation.
First Commendation citationCitation for first Army Commendation Medal.  Sergeant Sapp received this medal for actions performed during the Korean conflict.
Second commendation citationCitation for second Army Commendation Medal. Captain Sapp received this medal for his efforts related to his Nigerian service.
First telegramFirst telegram sent to the wife of Captain Sapp describing circumstances under which he became missing in action. 
Second telegramSecond telegram sent to the wife of Captain Sapp after his status was changed to 'Killed in Action'.
Second telegram
Letter from 5th Special Forces Group CommanderLetter written to widow of Captain Sapp after he was killed in action.  This letter was written by Colonel William McKean, Commander of the 5th Special Forces Group, who was Captain Sapp's commanding officer at the time of his death.