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Wednesday 01/17/2018 14:30:19 MST
Thank you for visiting my site. Here you can leave your comments.
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34 Tom Bauman
Location: Mukwonago, WI

Saturday 11/09/2013 17:02:46 MST
Justin, thank you for sharing this with us. I served as your dad's driver with the 73rd Artillery in 1961-1962. Reading his bio has brought tears and heartfelt memories. I always knew he was a special person and has been my hero for life.

I loved him and am honored to call him friend.

33 Ron Farmer
Location: Albuquerque, NM

Sunday 04/28/2013 19:13:07 MDT
Justin - thanks for sharing this site; VERY impressive; your Dad was a true patriot, family man and hero. My dad also served in Vietnam - Air Force. Flew Intruders as the EWO - came home with some amazing stories. I'm very touched by the effort you and the family put in to this site to honor your father and his service to our great nation. Thanks again for sharing this very personal information.
32 Ray Morris
Location: Apollo Beach, FL

Friday 09/07/2012 08:17:39 MDT
A fitting tribute to a SpeciaL Forces warrior, Justin. I was assigned as XO of the SF detachment at Gia Vuc in 1966, and know the area north of there well. A very dangerous place in 1965-66. I have a couple pics of the era and a few of Gia Vuc if you are interested - on my website at Thanks for sharing,


LTC, US Army Special Forces (ret)
31 Monica Higgins

Wednesday 05/30/2012 11:37:02 MDT
I am velma (sapp) mason's granddaughter and stanley's great niece. We grew up hearing stories about Stanley and his bravery. This website is a beautiful tribute to his life. I will be sure to pass on his legacy to my two boys.
30 Tom Presley

Friday 04/13/2012 20:33:48 MDT
A wonderful tribute to a warrior no longer with us. I find my eyes a little misty after spending several minutes on this site, brought back many memories of the Military and Viet Nam. This site kinda seemed special, I'm a retired Paratrooper from Dalhart, TX, just up the road from Amarillo, always went to Amarillo for major shopping. Will have to go by and give my respects next time I am around. Rest easy my brother, you have earned your place in history.
29 Bob Stepanian
Location: Connecticut

Tuesday 04/03/2012 05:22:46 MDT
I served in the sister camp at HaThanh in 1968 . Though I did not know your Dad I had the privildge of serving with many men like him. They brought experience,comittment and leadershipto our teams. I am sorry for your loss and honored to have served with men like your dad.

Bob Stepanian Detachment A104 and A105 Vietnam 1968
28 Paul Hart
Location: Tucson, AZ

Monday 04/02/2012 16:10:20 MDT
Served as an Army helicopter pilot with the 1st Cav. and operated out of Gia Vuc for 11 days in the summer of 1967 - we too lost a few good men to enemy action in that area. Enjoyed the web site and story of this dedicated solider.
27 David P Klehn
Location: LaGrange, Georgia

Monday 04/02/2012 15:59:17 MDT
I met your father when he arrived in DaNang before he went to Gia Vuc. I had been in Gia Vuc and was transferring to Ashau. We spent some time talking about Gia Vuc. After meeting him, I kind of wished I wasn't transferring. I could tell that he would have been a good officer to work for.

I was shocked when I heard what happened to him.
26 Jerry Delaney
Location: United States

Sunday 12/04/2011 05:47:48 MST
This is a wonderful tribute to a fallen hero. I'm an army brat and I was born in Japan while my father was stationed there for the occupation. Same time frame as Stanley's. My dad was a decorated hero in Burma during WW2. He was in Vietnam also. Your tribute to Stanley has inspired me to do the same for my dad.

Best wishes to you, your family and friends of Stanley.
25 Robert Thrift
Location: Picayune Miss 39466

Wednesday 11/16/2011 20:28:48 MST
E/5 Army 25th Inf.Div.9/69 to 9/70 ChuChi Viet. 69th Combat Engineers 5/71 to 1/72 Canto Viet. My Respect those who paid the hardest price.
24 Joyce H
Location: Henryetta

Monday 10/17/2011 09:18:23 MDT
Your brother-in-law gave me the card with your Dad's picture and website information. We are staying in Elk City at the same motel.

This website is a beautiful tribute to your Dad. He must have been a really awesome guy!

I appreciate his service and the service of all our military. Thank you.
23 Nicole Sapp
Location: Deer Park, TX

Monday 05/30/2011 16:28:28 MDT
Justin, this is a wonderful memorial for your dad. I only wish I had met him and got to know my uncle. Been thinking about him and your family today.

Much love,

22 Scot Posey
Location: Hurst, Texas

Monday 03/07/2011 12:04:57 MST
Justin, Wow, what a great reflection of an American Hero. Thank you for letting us get to know your father a little as well. It is our duty to keep as many of these hero's memeory alive as we can. Thanks! Scot.
21 Ken
Location: Divide, Colorado

Thursday 02/10/2011 15:22:57 MST
A great job Justin, it brings back a flood of memories - and am humbled, and thankful, that I had to opportunity to call him "Uncle".

20 Sharon Morris
Location: Amarillo, TX

Wednesday 02/02/2011 13:06:55 MST
Justin, what a wonderful website! You look just like your Dad! My Dad was drafted right out of high school at age 17 and was overseas within two months. He would have been part of the land invasion of Japan (WWII) if not for the bomb. We owe our freedom to all the young men and women of the Armed Forces and should never forget their sacrifices. Thanks for sharing your story.
19 Harry Cisar
Location: Albuquerque

Wednesday 01/19/2011 07:05:55 MST
Certainly words cannot express my personal feelings of gratitude I know I share with many others for a man of the highest caliber who gave the highest sacrifice for his family, his country and for me.
18 George Reynolds
Location: Amarillo, texas

Tuesday 01/18/2011 19:13:20 MST
God bless him and all military people. Not only am I a vet myself of the Air Force, but I am a very good friend of Colton and Weston and have respected their father since we discussed him even though I never had the honor of meeting him. May he rest in peace and always be remembered. Great job on the website!!!!!
17 Buddy Hall
Location: Flower Mound, TX

Tuesday 01/18/2011 14:43:13 MST
What a terrific tribute. May we never forget the sacrifices made by many courageous men (and women) such as Stanley Sapp. May we also never forget the sacrifices and the loss suffered by their families and loved ones. God Bless the Sapp family.
16 Cindy McGuire

Tuesday 01/18/2011 12:27:26 MST
Justin, what a fantastic tribute! You did such a nice job on this site, it is so informative. We are so blessed to have men like your father protect our country and train those in other countries to stand up for themselves. I regret that our gain was your loss – thank you for sharing this site with us. (The pictures sure show that you are his son)
15 Bruce Rector
Location: Edgewood, NM

Tuesday 01/18/2011 11:01:22 MST

Thanks for sharing this site with me. It is a wonderful tribute to your Dad.