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Poppy Field statueStatue at Poppy Field (part of Llano Cemetery in Amarillo where Stanley Sapp is buried).  Captain Sapp's funeral took place on Monday, January 3rd, 1966. 
Newspaper photoPhoto of Captain Sapp's funeral published by the Amarillo Globe-News.
ChaplainArmy Chaplain Lieutenant Colonel Sam Smith officiating at the funeral of Captain Sapp.
FlowersFlowers at the gravesite.
Firing SquadCeremonial firing squad.
List of units and personnelList of military units and personnel participating in Captain Sapp's funeral (provided by the US Army).
Grave markerCaptain Sapp's grave marker.
Article on funeralArticle on funeral service for Captain Sapp - from the Amarillo Globe-News.
Son receiving Purple HeartThis photo depicts Dalton Sapp, son of Captain Sapp, receiving the Purple Heart medal posthumously for his father.  Major Elbert O'Neall, Commanding Officer of Amarillo's Special Forces Unit at the time made the presentation as Dalton's mother looks on.  This photo was published in the Amarillo Globe-News.
Children of Captain Sapp at grave markerSon Colton and daughter Robin place a flag over the grave of their father during a Memorial Day service held in May of 1966.  This photo was published in the Amarillo Globe-News.
Vietnam Veteran's MemorialVietnam Veteran's Memorial.  Captain Sapp's name is inscribed on Panel 03E, Line 124.  You can see Captain Sapp's name on the 13th line from the bottom, second name from the left.
Texas Vietnam Veterans MemorialTexas Vietnam Veteran's Memorial at Fair Park in Dallas, Texas.  Captain Sapp's name is the sixth name from the bottom.