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Letter from Captain SappFollowing are excepts from Captain Sapp's last three letters home to his family.
Letter Dated: 22 November 1965
Hope everyone out that way is alright.  I'm now in Da Nang with I Corps up north again waiting assignment to my area.  They say I'm going to the A Team at Gia Vuc - it's a pretty hot place right now.  The commanding officer is not here but is due in late today.  When he gets here the assignment will be final and I'll be on my way.  They really started me out right.  I wrote you before I left on patrol in Na Trang.  A lot has sure happened.  I went out with a force of Chinese and they really got all shot up.  The American sergeant with them was killed and we lost about 20 Chinese.  The patrol was only supposed to last six hours but actually lasted 2 days...
Letter Dated: 26 November 1965
Well here I am still in Da Nang, and am just waiting for the weather to clear so I can go out to location.  I have been assigned as "A" team leader at Camp Gia Vuc.  I'm really looking forward to going out and getting to work.  The camp is completely surrounded by VC.  There is a small landing strip there and this is the only way to get in.  The pilots hate to fly there because they are always getting shot at.  Anyway it should be real interesting.  Yesterday was Thanksgiving and we had a pretty decent meal.  Thought about everyone back home as always.  Hope everyone is doing ok.  I have been reading all the reports and records of operations out at camp so I will have a good idea of what to expect...They just came in and told me they would try to fly us out today so I've got to get packed up... 
Letter Dated: 1 December 1965
Well here I am at my camp.  I've been here for two days and it has been a long two days.  Boy I've got more problems than you've ever seen.  We are sitting in the middle of the mountains.  We have VC units all around and they are always dropping in little reminders that they are still around.  I had only been here 30 minutes, I went to our outpost (I never made it) to check on the men out there.  The outpost is about a mile from here, on the way a sniper killed the driver, the Jeep went into a rice paddy and I ended up in about 4 feet of manure and I don't know what else.  Anyway, I've had some good luck which I'm thankful for...There are eight Americans here, two are in the hospital recovering from wounds and two are on R&R so I really have 12 men.  We have 435 Viet Nam soldiers to train, feed and keep calm plus a village of 3000 civilian Vietnamese personnel.  I am in charge of everything and it scares me.  Aircraft can only get in here every 10 to 12 days and they are shot at.  That's the only time we get food for ourselves and get rice for the villagers.  I'm given a budget for everything.  I must supply everyone with chow and not spend a penny over budget...One problem we have here, and you wouldn't believe it unless you see it is the rats. They are huge.  There are four kinds - floor rats, wall rats, ceiling rats  and the cuddly wuddly rat that likes to snuggle up to you in bed.  There is no place or item that is safe from them.  They are in the ice box, food storage areas, everywhere.  I'd lot rather face the VC than the rats.  We have guard duty every night for at least 2 hours.  I'm going to recon an area up north in about an hour.  Aircraft is on its way to fly me up.  I hope to pull a big operation up north in about a week...